Shipments and returns

Your pack shipment

Packages are generally dispatched within 2-7 days after receipt of payment. Boxes are amply sized and your items are well-protected.

We will deliver the Goods to the Delivery Location by the time or within the agreed period or, failing any agreement, without undue delay and, in any event, not more than 30 days after the day on which the Contract is entered into.

If any case regardless of events beyond our control, if we do not deliver the Goods on time you can (in additional to any other remedies) treat the contract at the and if:

a. We have refused to deliver the Goods or, if delivery on time is essential taking into account all the relevant circumstances at the time the Contract was made, or you said to use before the contract was made that delivery on time was essential. Or

b. after we have failed to deliver on time, you have specified a later period which is appropriate to the circumstances and we have not delivered within the period.

If you treat the Contract at an end, we will (in additional to any other remedies) promtly return all payments made under the contract.

If you entitled to treat the contract at an end, but do not do so, you are not prevented for cancelling the Order for any Goods or rejecting Goods that have been delivered and, if you do this, we will (in additional to any other remedies) without delay return all payments made under the contract for any such cancelled or rejected Goods. If the Goods have been delivered you must return them to us or allow us to collect them from you and we will pay the cost of this.

If any Goods form a commercial unit (a unit is a commercial unit if division of the unit would materially impair of the value of the goods or the character of the unit) you cannot cancel or reject the order for some of those goods without cancelling or rejecting the order for rest of them. and are shipped via UPS with tracking and drop-off without signature. If you prefer delivery by UPS Extra with required signature, an additional cost will be applied, so please contact us before choosing this method. Whichever shipment choice you make, we will provide you with a link to track your package online.

If you or your nominee fail, through no fault of ours, to take delivery of the Goods at the Delivery Location we may charge the reasonable costs of storing or redelivering them.

The Goods will become your responsibility from the completion of delivery or Customer collection. You must, if reasonably practicable, examine the Goods before accepting them.

Risk and title

Risk of damage to, or loss of, any Goods will pass to you when the Goods are delivered to you.

You do not own the Goods until we have received payment in full. If full payment is overdue or a step occurs toward your bankruptcy, we can chose by notice to cancel any delivery and end any right to use the Goods still owned by you, in which case you must return them or allow us to collect them.

Returning Goods

If you have received Goods in connection with the contract which you have cancelled you must send back the Goods or hand them over to us at

171 Kingston Road, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 9JP

without delay and in any event no later than 14 days from the day of which you communicate to us in cancellation of this Contract. The deadline is met if you sent back the Goods before the period of 14 days has expired. You agree that you have to bear the cost of returning the Goods.